Wow! The comments on sites like Just Jared about Alex and Malia are shocking! these are random idiots who know nothing about Alex and Malia making comments about their relationship. Like saying the wedding was forced and abusing Malia about “making Alex marry her”.

Are these people serious?! Do they not have ANYTHING better to do then spread hate??!!

this is literally the reason why I love tumblr fans, because the second we found out about the wedding, we were all over the moon and super supportive. Love you all!!!

do you guys agree?


Whilst I’m sure a lot of us die hard fans are going to spend the day weeping over him getting married,

I’m still so thrilled that they finally got married! they are such amazing parents, and lets not forget how SMOKING HOT both of them are! they really do make the cutest couple

I wish them all the best for their marriage!!

*wipes away tears*